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Belmont Auto Electrics provides all electrical services for cars, trucks, bikes, buses, 4WDs and marine applications. As car auto electrical systems become more and more complex, it’s important that they are serviced and repaired by skilled technicians.



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Belmont Auto Electrics is your Air Conditioning specialist.

If your air conditioner is not blowing cold air, determining which reason is responsible for your unit not blowing cold air is a job for the experts.

There may be a component that is not working correctly such as a compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, drier, cracked pipes or leaking Orings, and if one of these parts needs to be replaced it can make the whole unit not work right.

Home » auto electrician



Home » auto electrician
  • Deep Cycle
  • Marine
  • Dual Purpose
  • SLA
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Boats
  • Cars
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Auto Electrical

Belmont Auto Electrics are your Computer scanning diagnostics experts. Your car has a sophisticated computer system that runs all the electronics in your vehicle.

Home » auto electrician
Dashboard warning lights
  • Engine computer scanning
  • Reverse Cameras
  • Dual Battery Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Batteries
  • Immobilisers
  • LED Trailer Lights
  • Work Lights
  • CD Players